“MUGEN”, What?

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It seems the times are going to be filled with the new ideas called Metaverse and NFT. The new frontier for the old-fashioned economy has almost disappeared. It can be said that the world that creates ideas, beginning with GAFAM, is now becoming the major playing ground for the economy.

Meanwhile, the swelling money issued by the central banks of each major country is creating a movement to flow in search of the destination, causing a major unstable factor of social disturbance in the world. Under the circumstances, it can be said new assets such as NFT will work to absorb such money in form of collection of values which are more practical with sensible backing than gold and virtual currencies.

We are convinced that in such a new era, what is really needed more concretely is innovative ideas that contribute more broadly and greatly to society. And if we add intellectual property rights such as patents and utility models to these, society and businesses would accept these ideas more certainly and more positively.

MUGEN was founded by one inventor who creates unprecedented ideas one after another, and wish to spread these ideas to the world. Further more, he wants to make them useful to society together with industrial people who can effectively utilize and improve the seeds. Although we are a very small company right now, we see endless possibilities ahead of us.

MUGEN’s main business is the transfer of intellectual property rights such as international patents related to the construction business, and at the same time we would like to build up a platform for various construction-related ideas in the future. With your support and cooperation, we would like to make a small ripple in the ocean of the construction business by throwing a stone named MUGEN, and then spread it to the world together with you.

Please get acquainted with MUGEN and join our circle.